Patient health information is collected and re ported for subsequent treatments and must be easy to find , use and understand .

Medical coding should apply every time

you visit a high-quality healthcare provider , and coding is a key component of RCM.  

Appointment setting,

transcripts of physician's notes , Lab and radiology results , and outpatient visits and her medical records all feed into the Selat Coding system  

With coding , the power to analyze , diagnose , treat , report and bill are yours .


The implementation of international standards codes is significant opportunity for health care or ganizations to upgrade the quality of healthcare transactional data

It is also a big complex amendment in the area of clinical coding

Even if organizations decide to move natively in new code set through strategie system upgrades mapping between current and new is still a vital cog in their codes implementation cycle


using Aircoder to enjoy the following Key Features
Codes to any code set-

ICD-9,10,11(WHO, AM, CM or any version), CPT, ACHI, Snomed-CT and more.

Fully supervised system

with no extra work or cost to you . A perfect hybrid of artificial intelligence and first-class service delivery.

Codes to multiple code sets simultaneously
Applies coding rules
Comprehensive reporting
Ongoing consistent meta - commentary . Don't wait for a bi - annual audit to find out your coding quality is sub - optimal
Includes over 10 years of actual data

written by doctors from multiple countries , including their unique misspellings and acronyms .

Handles misspellings

acronyms , con textual relevance , age and gender and even different geographies

Bulk upload

thousands of episodes and it will code them while you sleep!

dose not requir coders
Integration available with any EMR

Git in touch to find out more about this brand new product This is the future, this is Aricoder.

Mapp your CODES

For Healthcare Organizations who send and re celve data Selat product provides a cost - effective , flexible platform to map and normalize clinical data .

Selat and our nternational partners set our self apart from other normal motion organizations with our innovative and collaborative spirit

How can medical coding
benefit my healthcare facility

Medical Coding can simpufy your healthcare management process
Coding helps to generate crystal clear patient records
Use of accurate data means better and more informed decisions
With coding you can get paid monthly and accurately for the services you provide
Coding translate patient couchpoints to changuage of claims and reimbursement
Refer quickly to assessments and dunes , medical services and equipment
Analyze and assess pattern with a coding aystem in place
Know what treatments and sented have been in the patient at a glance
Understand what treatment and services the patient has supplied themselves
Record and view unusual circumstances or medical conditions that might affect how care is accessed , managed delivered and billed
The coding process is carried out using the International Classification Disease which is compatible with healthcare codes renovations and ochi new regulations
Coding simplifies the entirety of your care process .

It saves money , reduces mistakes and brings a host of benefits to your organization Applying the process can take anything from a few minutes to several months , but Selat are here