Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the administration of financial transactions that result from the medicalencounters between a patient and a provider facility and/or supplier

The patients' journey is a complex and highly involved process.

These transactions include, without limitation, billing, collec- tjons, payer contracting, provid- er enrolment, coding, data ana- lytics, management, and compli- ance

The complexity of the succes- sive events begins atthe point of patient contact all the way to the patient discharge and the full collection of the hospital dues.

In the medical industry, both revenue cycle and clinical care success are dependent on the accurate and timely communi- cation through a complex set of systems and people.

Healthcare revenue cycle man- agement consultation ensures the partner's financials are healthy, so that the partner can concentrate on patient care.

How can Revenue Cycle
Management benefit my
healthcare center?

A credible performance baseline. formalized redesign process and disciplined project management are consultants. leveraging proven methodologies. takes a deliberate and precise approach toward analyzing and improving key cycle toward optimization. RCM consultants assess the partner's revenue cycle. benchmark against industry-leading practice Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and implement recommendations designed to generate critical. RCM components of the revenue measurable financial results.

Achieving sustainable performance and cash flow can only be done operating a smart business with measurable events from patient services to billing and claims to comprehensive accounts receivables management.

RCM Consultant should work closely with the partner to implement a well-defined set of Key Performance Indicators with measurable values that demonstrate how effectively the organization is meeting the desired business objectives such as


gaps between actual service delivery date and the claim interface date


cross-referencing charges billed against appointment schedule


percentage of clean clams


reimbursement turnaround time


denial ratio


monitoring insurance ar


aging days

cutting-edge technology

Leading RCM in the region, Selat developed the Health Information Billing System with internation- al partners.

The tool was developed in response to the market need for a bolt-on billing module that was compati-ble with any existing healthcare information system or ERP

Our technology combines data and expertise to develop software solutions that maximize business performance.Selat technology was developed as a unique and fully integrated billing system that is now universally recognized for modernizing healthcare in the region.

We move forward with our international technology partners and share values of quality, productivity dedication and fulilment in the feld of healthcare technology